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Warehouse house: by Splinter Society Architects.

Photo credits: Brilliant Creek.

Slotted in the roofless shell of an old warehouse, Splinter Society Architects have designed a dwelling that eschews overt references to the industrial vernacular, proposing instead, a sophisticated and contemporary environment that owes more to the classic Australian “Queenslander” than the site's gritty industrial heritage.

The house, uses the brick walls of the old warehouse as an enclosure that can be thought of as similar to a walled garden. However, this boundary is not allowed to dictate form. For example the old pitch of the warehouse roof can be seen in the walls but as a feature it is ignored. Rather, the light-weight intervention, which has its own cubic form, sits comfortably inside.

Principally arranged as a thin linear block over two levels and ground with a projecting wing, the building nestles within lush, manicured landscaping. Generous external terraces give the impression of large decks that have only partly been enclosed, and then only in a temporary way that can easily be opened. Mesh panels take care of sun shading and balustrading. They also give a light, transparent feel to the entire construction.

Gratitude to the Contemporist.

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