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Vitrified Variables: Porcelain stools by Judith Wehmeyer for Karena Schuessler.

The Berlin based artist, Judith Wehmeyer, has created a series of stools and benches that are unusual in their choice of materials. Working with Chinese porcelain, she has created the seats to resemble folded blankets. The pieces are surprising in that they have an appearance that is soft and sensuous, but are of course hard and cold to touch.

Making the collection, known as Vitrified Variables, has been a journey of learning for Wehmeyer. Through it, she has maintained the vision of creating a functional yet delicate design, that attempts to move perceptions of porcelain beyond the fragile.

It is perhaps ironic that the strength and delicacy of the pieces resides, to some degree, in the soft-looking folds of the profile. This combination of qualities was found with the artist's hands as she delved into, and worked the clay. This in-turn informed how the material requires working in order to be delicate and yet strong.

There is a sensuous intimacy in this way of working.

Gratitude to Mocoloco.

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