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Biodome, the House of the Future; Biodomes

Virtually Unbreakable: Biodome, the House of the Future

…In fact, the only thing they can’t take is falling rocks! The igloo-like structures come in various sizes, offering space ranging from 28 to 320 m². They can be used as classrooms, laboratories, sheltered outdoor areas or for any purpose requiring extra room.

The Romanian-based company Biodomes has set no limits here; only the ground plate must be properly prepared. The domes are built of steel and aluminum alloys and laminated safety glass featuring single, double or triple glazing. They can be free-standing or, depending on the terrain, embedded into hills or cliff formations.

The unique, aerodynamic structure ensures that both warm and cool air will flow around a dome rather than through it, which maintains a comfortable inside temperature. Consequently, the domes leave a smaller carbon footprint, for their climate control requires about 30 per cent less energy. In other words, there are many advantages that should make it easier to say good-bye to the accustomed four walls. 

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