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Very clubbable: Windowseat Lounge by Mike and Maaike for Hawthorn.

A modern version of the club chair, has been created in response to the bustle of the open office, the airport lounge, and the hotel lobby. Mike and Maaike have designed the Windowseat Lounge which is made by Hawthorn, as part of the Hawthorn Collection.

It is conceived as a room within a room, or a sub-architectural space.

The enclosed chair uses the elements of architecture (walls and ceilings) to explore the idea of sub architectural space. One of its features is the establishing of perspective, or field of view, for its users, but in reverse, the apertures of the chair are framed setting the user in context almost separate from the surrounding space.

The range includes the enclosed chair, and open versions, with or without ottoman.

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