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Urban villas, Lake Lucern, Switzerland by Lisher Partner Architects.

Photo credits: Roger Frei.

The hillside overlooks beautiful Lake Lucern, but the site's difficulties include being heritage protected, height restricted and set on a steep slope. Undeterred, Swiss firm Lisher Partner Architects heavily notched their collection of villas in to the site slope thus concealing much of their bulk.

In order to avoid the rear of the dwellings becoming bunker-like, a top-lit well was created functioning almost as a periscope. It allows light deep into the plan. The parts of the buildings above ground, are clad in a light, beautiful local limestone, that has been used in the area since Roman times.

It is interesting to note however, that whilst the buildings are recessed, they are not subsumed into their surroundings.

Drawings: Lisher Partner Architects.


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