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UFO in Porto; FAHR 021.3; Photo: Fernando Guerra

UFO in Porto: Eclipse by FAHR 021.3

The Eclipse project was created on the 20th anniversary of the appointment of Porto’s historic town centre as a UNESCO world heritage site. The temporary installation is causing a shift in perception: it has deliberately been placed in the square not centrally, but to one side: This position is meant to encourage passers-by to look at the square from a new perspective. The unusually coloured sphere, which has a diameter of about six metres, looks like a UFO in the historic surroundings: a relationship between the object and its environment is created just by this stark contrast.

The sculpture’s striking colour and spherical shape can be seen even from a distance; however, its metallic texture and modular construction can be recognized only at closer inspection. During the day, the object absorbs light, but in the evenings part of Eclipse is dramatically lit by a spotlight, making the installation appear like a moon in the darkness.

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