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Turning the tables: The Orbit turntable by U-Turn Audio.

No matter what, vinyl just will not go away. But the big names in audio no longer have interest in a niche market and so development of the humble turntable has arguably not moved much in decades. Attempts to equip turntables with USB sockets have centred on digitizing old records whereupon the turntable can be discarded. As a result new turntables have tended to be cheap and nasty affairs, or perhaps just nasty.

So the Orbit turntable comes as a sleek and modern unapologetic addition to this retro technological scene.

The turntable was designed and assembled by a group of friends in in their Boston area workshop. It eschews retro looks and fancy gewgaws concentrating on sleek, minimal looks ease of use as well as simple technology. The result is a beautiful and elegant product that is very competitively priced.

Check-out the company website here.


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