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Trip through time: Original kitchen from 1956

In 2010, American furniture designer Nathan Chandler bought a house that had been sealed and uninhabited since 1956. Generally, you expect to find vermin, dust and refuse in old houses. The opposite was true in this case: the new owner found everything, and especially the kitchen, new and in perfect condition. The previous owners had built and furnished the house, but never lived in it. This trip back to former days of furniture design and the technology of electric appliances such as the dishwasher, stove and fridge evokes a visit to a museum. The kitchen provides accurate testimony to the tastes of its time: blond wood combined with as much baby pink as possible is no longer de rigeur. This is what Chandler thought, who has since sold the kitchen’s entire inventory. It would be interesting to see how his kitchen looks now. Source: bored panda

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