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The Peak, Grimshaw

Tiny house with a heart: The Peak by Grimshaw

Coming with 32.5 square metres of floor space, "The Peak" is an affordable and sustainable tiny house designed by Grimshaw for Nestd™, a social enterprise of the Kids Under Cover charity, which works to reduce youth homelessness.

The central element of 'The Peak" is the pod, a cube that offers plenty of storage space and room for a bed, sofa, kitchen and bathroom.  Despite the small footprint, the pod sets the various areas of the house apart without the need for partition walls that would make the living space seem any smaller.  Small niches come about through the spiral-shaped organisation of the living areas, as in a snail shell. The bathroom marks the beginning of the spiral, followed by the kitchen niche, the dining and living area and finally the bed at the end of the spiral.

High ceilings, an abundance of natural light and the large glass panels at the entrance reinforce the voluminous feeling of space. In addition the pod offers generously-sized storage compartments and cavities designed with a large number of adaptive IKEA modules in mind. All the profits arising from every house sold by Nestd™ are channelled back into the charitable work of Kids Under Cover.

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