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The Square: An exploration of conformity by Seokmin Ko.

Photos: Seokmin Ko.

In this series of photographs the Korean artist Seokmin Ko uses a mirror to partially conceal whoever is hiding behind it. The context varies from natural or agricultural surroundings to roads, inside, and outside buildings. It is often difficult to see the mirror, but protruding past it are always the hands of the person concealed.

In some Eastern societies, particularly those falling under the influence of China, the idea of social conformity is an aspiration to be strived for. Today, many Western perceptions focus on the individual, and see conformity in a predominately negative light, despite the fact that society could not function without it.

This work explores the idea of conformity through disguise or camouflage, but the tell-tale hands remind us that it is actually a person behind the mirror.

An exhibition of Seokmin Ko's work is showing at the Arts Project International gallery in New York until 27 October 2013.

Christopher C. Hill.


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