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The renovation of Husteca archive, Spain.

The historical archive and library of Husteca in Spain has been renovated to revive an important civic building and institution for the town. The renovation was led by the architects Ana Moron Hernandez, Raymond Bambo Naya and Pedro Lafuente also working with Nuria Montero García. They managed to find a contemporary language that resonates with the historical built fabric.

The highlight and relatively brave design decision, considering the historical context, is a wall made from folded copper that appears as a blank façade, but it also conceals glazing elements behind. It forms a new façade within the original volume of the old building between brick flanking walls. The apparent height of this façade gives the building the aspect of a tower whilst its blank, if pleated, appearance lends a sense of solidity to the proceedings.

The base of the building is made of sandstone giving a formal reference to nearby historical architecture, whilst the old brick side walls have been patched-up and re-pointed as necessary. Inside the Piano Nobile has been carefully restored whilst below, white vaults provide a rather unexpected clinical feel by way of contrast.

On the upper levels is concealed vertical slot glazing behind the pleated façade again providing unexpected but entirely compelling finish to this tour.


Gratitude to Arqua.

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