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The art and craft of photographing buildings: ARCAID Images: Architectural Photography Awards 2012.

The water cube

Staring through my view finder at crumbling portico in the ruined Roman city of Palmyra, stone glowing in the late evening sun, I thought I could see the essence of the Roman Empire in all its dilapidated glory. It was mine if I just pressed the button! I did of course, but captured not the glory of an empire lost, rather an inglorious tourist snap of a ruined portico.

Architectural photography is a particular art form that few understand or even properly acknowledge. It is pleasing to see that is changing.

ARCAID Images in conjunction with The Architectural Review, are holding the Architectural Photography Awards 2012. The awards will include the World Architectural Photographer of the Year and will be held at the World Architectural Festival 3-5 October in Singapore.

There is still time to enter before it closes on the 7th September 2012.

The categories are:

World Architectural Photographer of the Year



Sense of Place

Buildings in Use


To enter visit here.

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