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Tasty letterforms: Typographic chocolate

In an endeavour to save hundreds of letterforms from the influence of the weather in public spaces or from simple destruction, the Museum of Letters in Berlin has set itself the task of rescuing and documenting such typographic artefacts. In this connection Lisa-Marie Peters and Christian Pannicke of Berlin University of Applied Sciences have carried out a student project to provide visitors to the museum an appropriate souvenir keepsake – albeit a very transient one. This has taken on the form of bars of chocolate with different flavours. Each one shows a clear relationship to the museum exhibits by featuring letterforms from various origins, independently of specific cultures, regions, languages and script systems. Respective packaging and display boxes for the museum shop have also been realised within the project. As Lisa-Marie Peters states, »Our project is aimed at design-oriented museum visitors with an appreciation of handcraft products«. It certainly fulfils its purpose!
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DETAIL 9/2021

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