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Swarm theory: Superabundant Atmosphere, an installation by Jacob Hashimoto.

Photo credits: Hester + Hardaway.

The New York based artist, Jacob Hashimoto, has created an indoor cloud from white kites. The installation is site specific and was created for the Rice University Art Gallery, Texas.

Hashimoto hung the kites into cluster or swarm, although he regards the installation as a cloud, at least that is suggested by the title; Superabundant Atmosphere.

Each kite is made from silk glued to a bamboo frame and is suspended overhead from a fine thread. The cloud is made from thousands of kites. The installation is part of a series of work that is site specific, so for example one installation may frame a view or another, envelop a space in a particular way.

What is not conveyed in the phonographs however, is the mesmerizing fluidity of how the installation responds to air movements, manifesting spatial qualities that cannot usually be seen.

Gratitude to This is Colossal.



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