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Surprising cities: Stencilled street art by Evol.

Photos: Evol.

The street artist Evol, who works in Germany, is on to something with his compelling stencilled interventions. That he uses images of an anonymous and generally unattractive kind of architecture on items of street furniture that, in themselves are anonymous, makes us think about both the architecture, and our propensity to clutter-up our streets with unattractive services enclosures.

Evol breaks society's tacit agreement to overlook ugliness providing the object remains useful.

In this series of photographs it seems to be the apparent shift in scale of what is portrayed in the images, that immediately grabs our attention. And then we actually notice the street furniture that has been adorned... and then perhaps what the image depicts, and what is around us.

If art is a kind of mirror that reflects society and our environment, then this work questions the value society has given to function over form.

Gratitude to Yatzer.

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