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Stripy school: Pant Pere Pescador Kindergarden by Abar Architects and Ovidi Alum.

school facade

Calm and cool stays this minty looking kindergarden, thanks to careful climate control that Abar Architects and Ovidi Alum achieved by incorporating its many environmental features into the design. But I am sure that the young children frolicking in the courtyard think its stripy façade is fun. It also provides a distinctive identity that children can relate to and identify with as their very own.

The intention is to bring light and air inside and in that sense fits with the Modernist tradition. It also contrasts with more traditional buildings in sunny climes where keeping cool often meant keeping out light. Here controlling internal climate is achieved with movable canopy shading that can admit sunlight in winter, and block it in summer, and by having large areas of translucent glazing. The planning could not be more simple yet elegant with a touch of delight.


sun shade

school facade

school interior

facade desk

school section


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