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Strength in modesty: Dovecote barn, UK: by Nicolas Tye Architects



Building on Green-Belt land, where development is greatly restricted, can be a fraught affair. In this apparently effortless example, a long and narrow barn building imposed some impractical living restrictions that could be mitigated by a simple extension to give the building more width.

Nicolas Tye Architects used the opportunity to create a thoughtful mediating space that better linked the garden with the living accommodation of the barn. The new space also extended the variety of living accommodation creating something between a simple room and a conservatory.

Everything about this building is understated. Its simple rectangular form attempts not to compete with the existing barn whilst it is finished predominantly with dark coloured timber that references materials found on the site. The extensive glazing is located in such a way as to provide a balance between privacy and openness, and allows the landscaping scheme to somehow flow into the building.

The project demonstrates that architecture is not a function of scale but rather of care and consideration.

side elevation

long elevation

close perspective

fiew from the interior

detail of interior

night perspective

night view

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