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Street Art for City Birds by Thomas Dambo

City birds in particular, who must combat traffic noise by chirping as loud as 90 decibels in their morning chorus, are now looking for the best spots to build their nests and raise their families.  In order to create the necessary living space, and to continue an art project he began in 2007, Danish street artist Thomas Dambo has built and installed about 3,500 birdhouses. But these are no ordinary birdhouses: the Copenhagener builds each little house from leftover wood or anything else that seems to work. Many of his creations are colourful eye-catchers, but some are camouflage projects painted to blend in with their surroundings. Dambo places some birdhouses individually, some within the framework of larger projects. He wants not only to support the city birds, but also to call attention to the fact that urban living space for animals is becoming scarce.  Most of the birdhouses are in Dambo’s home town, but he has expanded his project to international locations including Puerto Rico and Beirut. However, even with no project in mind, Dambo always carries a few birdhouses with him on his travels. The birds at his destinations can sing their thanks.

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