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Steinhardt Museum of Natural History, Kimmel Eshkolot Architects

Steinhardt Museum of Natural History by Kimmel Eshkolot Architects

A treasure chest full of flora and fauna: Kimmel Eshkolot Architects have created the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History for Tel Aviv University. It seems like a large wooden trunk runs through the building. Concealed behind this wooden construction, we find the exhibition spaces of the museum. The wood panelling serves as heat insulation and protects the collection from the subtropical climate in Tel Aviv. The raised body of the building also acts as a gate to the university’s botanical gardens.

Visitors are led along a predefined trail of discovery as if they were involved in the performance of a choreography. Dark areas housing light-sensitive objects alternate with brighter exhibition spaces. The museum collection extends along a barrier-free path: broad ramps with a low rise allow all visitors to explore the treasure chest, even up to the top storey.

The upper level is home to the museum’s research institutions, which are kept apart from the exhibition by a separate stairway. On the rooftop terrace located at the end of the museum path, visitors and scientists come together in another choreographic encounter
Further information: Design team : Michal Kimmel Eshkolot , Etan Kimmel, Ilan Carmi, Limor Amrani
Architect in charge:
Limor Amrani
Structural engineering: 
S.BEN-ABRAHAM Engineering
Construction manager: E.D. Rahat Engineering Coordination and Management Ltd. Eliezer Rahat, Daniel Rahat
Contractors : 
Rom-Geves, Shitufit
Landscape architecture: 
Braudo Maoz
Lighting Design: 
Shiri Ziv
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