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Jägermeister, Studio Aisslinger, Verwaltungsgebäude

Playspace: Studio Aisslinger’s conversion of a floor at the Jägermeister HQ

The seemingly obligatory stag antlers are nowhere to be seen, but rather myriads of colours and materials in the style of the 1970s. The goal: to attract young, creative people to a provincial place like Wolfenbüttel, or to retain them once they are there. Given a free hand by the spirits producer Jägermeister, Studio Aisslinger has come up with a work environment, a working landscape that focuses less on work as such, but rather on the process of work. The workplace as playspace, somewhere for trial and error while also being a setting for playful virtuosity. Innovation and wit, irritation and surprise are all to become part of the production process. Work as play in other words.

A storey that once contained 32 fixed desk places has been turned into a new, 530-square-metre open structure that is to enable the employees of all departments to develop their creativity on the one hand and underscore Jägermeister’s new brand showing on the other. The space is to be an opportunity for staff members to leave their comfort zone and open up to new ideas, with the flexibility of the room encouraging flexible use. Opportunities for movement and relaxation, joint cooking or a casual exchange can easily be combined with spontaneous presentations of individual projects or the joint development of ideas. 

All modules, from the bar, the basketball court and the large round sofa to the enclosed meeting box, are designed for individual, playful appropriation.

Studio Aisslinger has long endeavoured to come up with working environments that unite possibilities for concentration and relaxation, as well as focused thought and the freedom to simply let thoughts wander. The structure of the spaces it designs are to enable freedom of movement, including pacing about, standing still, leaning back and sharing sporting activities, as well as intensive discussion or simply free association. But the question remains: Are such open office landscapes with all their distractions compatible with Covid 19?

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