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Ernesto Neto, GaiaMotherTree, Zürich

Spatially Textile: Installation by Ernesto Neto at Zurich’s Main Station

The monumental work by Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto, entitled GaiaMotherTree, is a transparent, walkable sculpture. The arboreal shape is 20 metres high and can be viewed until 29 July 2018 in the hall of Zurich’s main railway station. It consists of cotton ribbons that were first dyed and then knotted together by hand.

The sculpture functions as a meeting place as well: a program of events featuring workshops and presentations is taking place inside the tent-like space.

Neto’s recent works are characterized by organic shapes and lightness. Visitors are always challenged to come into contact with the sculptures in order to create their own perceptive sensations. In the reception of GaiaMotherTree as a work, immediate perception is a salient feature. Inside the virtually immaterial space, visitors can sit down on a circle of cushions. Hanging, drop-shaped elements are filled with spices and dried leaves which enable a singular sensual experience.
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