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Space, a new fronter: works by Alex Schweder.

The artist Alex Schweder explores performance architecture and space through his art.

When we approach or inhabit a building there is a physical human interaction with it. This interaction is a kind of performance and it is this that Schweder draws attention to. We tend to see the building, and our inhabitation of it, as separate. And mistakenly, we believe they are virtually independent – we do as we like in the building don't we?

By exaggerating the interrelations between the user and the architecture, we see that the building influences how we use the space far more than even architects might have imagined.

The interactions explored come in various forms, from the visual to touch. But the artist also explores preconceptions relating to architecture. For example, that floors should be hard or that structures should be stable and immovable. When these apparent certainties are brought into question, there is a sense of disorientation about what can be trusted to behave as expected in our physical environment. When walking across a room becomes a difficult and unpredictable experience because the floor is bouncy, new relationships with the space are suggested and new ways of using and interacting with it emerge.

The dialogue with architecture, always there but usually in the background since early childhood, comes to the fore again, as the observer tries to assimilate the new and unexpected realities of space.


Gratitude to Beautiful decay for introducing me to the work of this artist.

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