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Sowing of seeds: An exhibition in Ginza, Tokyo.

Field of shadows.

In architecture schools everywhere, end of year exhibitions are being taken down. Sometimes the work and ideas are consigned to a portfolio for later job interviews, but often the work is unceremoniously dumped for lack of ideas of what to do with it.

Whilst sentimentalists might cremate their unwanted work as a dignified, even ritualized ending to its usefulness, in an office building in Ginza, Tokyo, Takwshi Hosaka Architects set their ideas free!

Their exhibition, high in an office building in the centre of Tokyo, consisted of all the sketches the practice had done from 2004, seven and a half years of ideas. Each sketch was hung from a transparent balloon filled with a lighter than air gas. Sketches drawn on big sheets of paper sink whilst smaller sheets float. A sad, mechanical reminder that the value of what is drawn is not always weighed.

The exhibition was shown in daylight allowing sun to illuminate the ideas and create a field of shadows and reflections in which the sketches jostle to be seen.

Wind from the open window drives out the balloons into the Tokyo sky, carrying the precious paper wherever it will. Like seeds from a tree of life, the ideas if caught, might germinate in someone else’s imagination.

View of the exhibition.

View of the sketches.

Some balloons sink.

Field of light.

A single sketch.

Captured idea.

A single note.

Escaping sketches.

Floating ideas.

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