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Soft thinking: Nepal Sofa by Bretz Wohntraume.

Photos Udo Spreitzenbath.

If you have ever travelled to India from the oxidant, you will likely have seen perfectly normal-looking student, or gap year travellers, leaving from the airport. On your return however, similar individuals have been transformed into dhoti and kaftan wearing beings whose sartorial thinking has been truly expanded. It does not last long. On touch-down in their home country, it immediately becomes clear how ridiculous they look!

It is all a matter of context of course. What looked smart and elegant in one location, looks out-of-place elsewhere.

With this in mind I was initially arrested when I saw the Nepal sectional sofa produced by German company Bretz Wohntraume.

The arrest I experienced was not one of horror, but quite the opposite. Bretz Wohntraume have audaciously lifted an inspiration out of the mystical and marvellous sub-continent, or at least its close neighbour, and made something shocking in its splendid opulence.

The Nepal sectional sofa, has all the accoutrements of a modular sofa, such as being able to shuffle seats and cushions but it is the wonderful velvety fabrics that make the statement.

Use and enjoy with aesthetic caution!


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