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Smart watch by Samsung Galaxy Gear.

Since the untimely death of Steve Jobs there has been the lingering question of whether Apple can maintain its position at the top of the technology tree. There have been rumours that they were about to release a smart watch, but so far no official word.

So it is with concern and surprise to see one of its main competitors, Samsung, release this smart watch first.

The smart watch stays connected to its user's other Samsung Galaxy devices and notifies of incoming mail, and messages whilst providing other information, all synced to the mother ship, so to speak.

The device is voice activated so calls can be taken hands free by speaking into the watch. It also boasts a 1.9m pixel camera and a 41.4mm colour screen. The watch will be launched in jet black, mocha grey, wild orange, oatmeal beige, rose gold, and lime green.

All eyes are on Apple for its product launch in September.

Christopher C. Hill.

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DETAIL 9/2020

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