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nursery school, TYO, Seiko-kai

Small kindergarten with a large roof: Toranoko nursery school by TYO

The neighbourhood of a nursery located at a site with a spectacular view of the famed Mount Fuji is made up of just a few houses and farms, giving it a peaceful but also somewhat melancholic feel.  The client, who already owns three other facilities at the locality, wished to create a new community space for the residents of the small town, complete with a nursery area for local children.

The new building is situated in the centre of the enclosed site, and in order to connect the small volume with its surroundings, has a striking roof that provides views to the outside in various directions.  The gentle curvature of the roof underscores the open sequence of garden, lounge, dining space, nursery room and office. The small nursery creates a place of encounter for young and old, with the generously proportioned roof enabling the residents of the small community to gather beneath it as under the spreading branches of a tree.  

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