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Lighthouse, Knowhow Shop

Sloping Walls on Wheels: Lighthouse by Knowhow Shop

Lighthouse by Knowhow Shop - is it a tiny house or a piece of urban furniture? Probably both, if you ask the architects. With this project, Los Angeles designers Kagan Taylor and Justin Rice put their own craftsmanship and spatial perception to the test. The duo’s great joy in experimentation is easy to see in the final result. Lighthouse is now both headquarters and showcase project for the California studio.  

The name Lighthouse reflects the building method used in the project. Lightweight prefab elements have been assembled in situ. An oversized, custom-made door without right angles and a skylight made of boat-building materials allow natural light to stream into the structure during the day. At night, these openings project warm light to the outdoors.  

Visitors to Lighthouse will seek a traditional foundation in vain. Instead, the construction rests on industrial wheels. Future Lighthouse designs will serve as a contemporary basis for small, sustainable building.

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