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Shooting the breeze: Opus chair by Dor Ohrenstein.

The Opus chair was designed by Dor Ohrenstein using principles of traditional Chinese medicine, and combining these notions with Western principles of physiotherapy. The result is an unusual looking chair that aims to help those sitting in it, achieve a better sense of well-being, through better posture.

The chair is part of a furniture system designed for use in a coffee house. The starting position for the chair's design was the notion of a beautiful mental and physical balance.

When sitting on the chair, the user will find the mass of the body is directly under the spine, forcing an upright posture, somewhere between sitting and standing positions.

In its operation, the chair is very similar to a shooting stick, a pointed cane with an adjustable seat at one end, sat upon by spectators at sporting events.

Gratitude to Behance.


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