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Objects, Ponti Design Studio, Shadows in the Windows

Shadows in the Windows: Selected Objects by Ponti Design Studio

The Shadows in the Windows project thematizes the urban landscape of Hong Kong with two symbolic elements: windows and seating furniture. The window is an architectural element that best portrays the urban density of Hong Kong. Repetitive window structures in large apartment blocks symbolize standardized spaces behind the façades. Only a second look reveals personal stories behind every window, shown as shadowy outlines and contours on the windows. This creates a unique landscape characterized by silhouettes, light, shading, textures and colours.

The chair is another element that symbolizes the city. Ponti’s seating furniture uses the idea of a projection of two-dimensional window frames on a three-dimensional level. Designed by Andrea Ponti in eight variations, all eight chairs have the same design concept: a square (window) frame from which every chair grows like a contour. This project, which was presented for the first time at this year’s Design Week in Milan, is a sophisticated way to represent the complex relationship between the individual and the urban landscape.
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