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Seaside treasure: Jerwood Gallery, Hastings by HAT Projects.

front elevation

Some might argue that a military disaster at Hastings some time ago, led to the wholesale carve-up of England's natural treasure for the benefit of a few lucky individuals. Tomorrow, the Jerwood Gallery will open its latest outpost in Hastings, marking another step in the cultural and economic rejuvenation of the British seaside town. The gallery will be stuffed with fantastic art treasures, available for all to enjoy. Really they form a temptation for the cultured and relatively wealthy middle classes, that it is hoped will drive the town's revival. It is a familiar formula – I hope it can work.

The gallery is a little gem designed by HAT Projects. It is clad in black ceramic tiles that are reflective of the special seaside light. The expression also fits within, but does not imitate the Stade, and old part of the town that is the centre of the regeneration effort. Inside the gallery there are blond wood and concrete floors and white walls. Overall its the scale and massing that I find agreeable and sensitive to its context.

It is a building that does not rely on ego for its strength or character.

view to sea

street view

main street view

gallery view

court yard view

stairs view into gallery


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