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Saying it with flowers. Funeral services advertisement.

It is one of those challenges that really tax the creative mind. In this case, the way to advertise the service being offered is so ingrained, that to jump out of that thought pattern is a difficult task on its own.

Then, the subject of funeral services being discussed, could hardly be more sensitive. The risk of offending traditional sensibilities is therefore ever present. And lastly, there is a question of timing. After the March 11th earthquake and tsunami in Japan, life and death, hope and despair have been ever present in the national debate.

Tokyo advertising agency I&S BBDO were tasked with advertising funeral services. They came up with this striking image, both delicate and powerful. Resonating with life's everyday beauty and the traditional method of commemorating a lost life with flowers.

The image is radical yet sensitive and lovely.


Gratitude to Spoon and Tamago.

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