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Sätelite lamps

Sätelite lamp collection. Design by Tomas Varga. Photo: Brokis

The satellite lamps collection by Varga receives a lot of recognition for its simplicity and the attempt to upgrade the neon light bulb.The designer Prague-based designer Tomas Varga creates with “Sätelite” a collection of three minimal lamps for the Czech lighting company Brokis.

The table, floor and ceiling fixtures reinterpret regular neon lights and combine them with lamps that are set on a simple tripod stand and are used for industrial applications.

Each of the Sätelite lamps consists of a light that is formed as a neon light bulb to create a “simple beam of light” that is attached to the tripod stand in various heights.

The height and direction of the Sätelite floor lamp is adjustable. Design by Tomas Varga. Photo: Brokis

The user is able to change the orientation of the elongated bulb and to adjust to amount and direction of the light with the help of a simple rotating mechanism.

This is again a very minimalist approach to lighting design that is rather cost-effective and energy efficient.

Still the design of the lamps raises the question on how to make sure not use them as microphones by mistake. And then there is the imaginable connection to the film Star Wars that creates a lot of different scenarios.

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