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Ribs bench by Stephan Lie.

Ribs bench by Stephan Lie.

The disgraceful treatment of Danish architect Jørn Utzon over the Sydney Opera House, and his subsequent resignation in 1966 from the project, left the interiors of this masterpiece in an unrealised state. Some called it a mess!

A few years ago, the Australian government finally realised what Utzon had given them, and there was some reconciliation when the politicians vowed to sort out the interiors in an attempt to complete the design.

Though small, and insignificant in the scale of things, these benches are part of that process. Lets welcome that.

The ribs are made from steam bent hardwood, FSC certified of course. The ribs are held together using an ingenious flexible aluminium spine.

The benches were designed by Stephan Lie and produced under license by DesignByThem.

The ribs are made from steam bent hardwood

Bench used in the Sidney Opera House

Ribs bench

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