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Recycled art by Aurora Robson.

Recycled art by Aurora Robson

Photos: Aurora Robson

Native of Toronto but living in New York for over 20 years, Aurora Robson has captured the spirit of our age with her art. Her deep concern for the environment has helped her to reveal the beauty of things we disregard as rubbish, and in so doing, drawn attention to our broken and unsustainable relationship with many of the everyday things we use and consume.

Collecting discarded plastic bottles to make sculpture and installations of memorising beauty has brought her fame as well as attention to her cause. Many of the installations have hidden LED lights that makes them glow, and appear almost dreamlike.

Behind the soft qualities of her art is a tough determination. She is a founding Director of Project Vortex, an international organisation of artists, architects and designers who work with plastic debris. They in turn work with Project Kaisei to reduce debris in our oceans and waterways.

grey matter by artist Aurora Robson

Installation by Aurora Robson


The Great Indoors by artist Aurora Robson


Art made of recycled material

Cosmic wheel from junk mail

installation by artist aurora robson

installation Be Like Water by artist aurora robson

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