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Raging passion: Paloma, Nîmes, France by Tetrarc.

Photos: Stéphane Chalmeau.

The architect of this new music venue for Nîmes apparently sees the building as a giant one eyed monster erupting from the ground. Charged with telluric energy, its skin is taught and cracking, poised to take over the world! And then there is the analogy of the bullfighter: the thick walls of the big hall evoke the protection of the Picador's horse, coloured seats equate to the crowed, yellow and purple of the interior spaces, the muleta... etc. etc...!

And so we have a dynamic and curiously shaped building, sitting on the one hand as a monument to the extension of modern morality to animals, and on the other as nostalgic container for the expressions of youthful passion and creativity.

Setting aside the extravagant metaphors that inspired the designers Tetrarc, the purpose of the building is simple enough. It is to provide social cohesion to uninspiring suburban areas of the city and region, by creating a world class venue for contemporary music. The architecture seeks to inspire, be iconic, perhaps, in the sparkling eyes of youth culture, become an emblem seen and recognized from far away.

From afar by day

Detail of the eye.

Further detail of the eye.

Open air space.

A bar area.

A gig live!

Foyer stairs.

Looking down in the foyer.

View of seating.

Exterior at night.

Exterior at night detail.


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