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Quiet in the forest: Bromont House, near Quebec, Canada by Paul Bernier Architects.

detail of the house

This weekend house set within the forest near Quebec, and within sight of the Appalachian Mountains, is ordered around the diurnal activities of its occupants. The “day block” incorporates the shared living spaces, study, kitchen and dining room, whilst the “night block” incorporates the sleeping accommodation.

Paul Bernier Architects has has ensured that the accommodation is arranged to engage in an environmental dialogue both with regard to spectacular views, lay of the landscape and its natural features, but also orientation with respect to the sun and other environmental considerations.

The unifying feature of the house is an exposed Douglas Fir timber roof. Partitions never touch it. It encloses the space providing connections between the zones of accommodation, but also with the forest itself and the historical memory forest dwellings. Within the space enclosed by the roof are abstract cubes of accommodation denoting privacy such as bathrooms.

There is a marriage of traditional in the material and the way it is detailed, but the internal arrangements are decidedly modern.

Side elevation

courtyard view

Detail of stair

Internal shot of lounge



Kitchen shot

Lounge in winter

Bathroom borrowed light


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