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Proud as a Peacock, a chair by Studio Dror for Cappellini.

The Persian Peacock Throne, was a silver, gold, and jewel encrusted throne that was stolen from India in the 18th century, and sent to Iran where it became a symbol of monarchy... only for it to be plundered again by the Kurds and melted down for cash!

Yet, whilst the Peacock Chair may be less glamorous than the Peacock Throne, and unlikely to be plundered for booty, it can still amplify ones sense of self importance with just three pieces of wool felt and a base metal frame!

Designer Dror Benshetrit (Studio Dror) designed this chair for the Italian label Cappellini. Unlike the Peacock Throne, it is a beautifully simple construction. Three pieces of wool felt are cut to pattern and then threaded onto the metal frame. The undulating ruffle is produced from the cut of the material without any needlework whatsoever.

Furthermore, it gives the full comfort of a lounge chair without ruffling even a goose feather.


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