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Pride and Glory Interactive, Krakow Poland, by Morpho Studio.

Some of the most creative art often seem to come as a reaction to the most adverse circumstances. But where your business is to commercially manufacture creativity, it seems that an atmosphere that is unusual or creatively conceived is required, both as a badge of honour or marketing opportunity for the company that works from the space, and as a kind of lubricant to encourage the flow of creative juices amongst its staff.

Here we see how Morpho Studio have created the right atmosphere for Pride and Glory Interactive's head offices in Krakow Poland.

The design can be read as a series of unfolding scenes in the theatrical tradition. Each space is conceived as a set, where a particular function of the daily work routine is played out. In this way the task at hand, whilst perhaps mundane in itself and simultaneously repeated in thousands of other companies, can here be imagined to be a part a unique story, a real-life fairytale. The task or scene, and the actors playing it, are thus elevated out of the mundane, for a time at least!

The designers are always conscious that each scene is part of the bigger play, or corporate effort, and must never be separated from it. In this way all the spaces are connected, even meeting rooms have a view in and a view out carefully controlled, framed even, to fulfil a conception about how that work task should be perceived and executed.

The whole ensemble is fitted into the interior of a factory which remains visible as the container for the creative endeavour and business operation, providing the perfect metaphor for the commercialisation of the creative process.

Sufficiently risqué to transfix the non-creative worker into believing they are part of humanity's great creative sweep, yet loose and messy enough to give genuinely creative minds sufficient wiggle room to come-up with the next big idea.

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