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Postcards for ants: A year-long project by Lorraine Loots


A picture a day – and the project is already into its second year. Since 1 January 2013, one of these unbelievably elaborate miniatures has been painted every day.

Every day, South African artist Lorraine Loots works with brush, pencil and the naked eye in order to create a fascinatingly detailed picture hardly bigger than a coin. After the first year of the project, Loots decided to prolong it, inspired by the fact that Cape Town has been named World Design Capital 2014. In this second phase of the project, every picture is connected to Cape Town.

The tiny paintings can be reserved for purchase on Loots’ website, but the existing pictures have already been sold. Loots also prints a limited edition of five postcards from each picture. For despite the name of the project, Postcards for Ants, it is devoted collectors who want these pictures. There also is a film about the project.


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