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Play architecture: Conan House by Moon Hoon.

Photo credits: Moon Hoon.

This unusual looking house located in Daejeon, South Korea is known as “Conan house” which translates as play house. Moon Hoon, its designer, has extended that concept to the architecture, in that it is both playful and whimsical.

At the centre of the house is a staircase that winds up the building in a slightly haphazard way creating interesting spaces that are exploited as features of the design. Externally, the form resembles an uneven octagon in section with a octagonal pattern inscribed in the façade. There is a sense that the form is a coiled spring waiting to unwind.

The interiors are about the central staircase. Not only is it the spatial thread that connects the rooms, it can be seen as a room in its own right. An adventure playground for both the young children that will live in the house, as well as the architect!

Off the stair are relatively minimal domestic rooms that are simple and functional. They serve to make this house palatable for the adults, a kind of calm in a riot of ideas.

Gratitude to Yatzer.


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