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Perplexing photography: Images by Victor Vargas Villafuerte.

Photos: Victor Vargas Villafuerte.

Mexican Photographer Victor Vargas Villafuerte creates images that are disturbing at one level, yet absolutely compelling at another.

There seems to be an element of schadenfreude in staring closely at human bodies that are so terribly distorted, the result perhaps of some hideous chemical or nuclear - induced birth defect. But after that initial arresting reaction, there is enormous wit and creativity to be found in the images.


It is arguable that the line of enquiry could be traced back to the Futurists, in the way movement is illustrated. Or perhaps the Cubists in the way that different views of the same body are simultaneously represented.

We will have to wait and see how Villafuerte's work will develop to understand its wider significance, but lets enjoy it now for its exquisite craft and imagination.

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