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Performance light. A Calligraphic synthesis of Western and Arab cultures.

Photo credits: David Gallard.

In the ancient city of Qom, in modern Iran, there is an interesting gallery that maps the development of art in Iran, from Persian through to recent times. The exhibition provides a beautiful illustration of the impact the arrival of Islam had on the region's art, and in particular the exploration of calligraphy.

These images, created by artist Julien Breton with photographer David Gallard, continue the exploration of that tradition in the media of light.

Using light sticks, those things that western youths wave around at parties to enhance their sense of inebriation, Julien Breton performs the letters whilst, David Gallard records the performance using long exposure photographic techniques.

The works hope to bridge the cultures of the West with those of the Arab world, enhancing the understanding of both.

Watch a video of their work in India.


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