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Office swingers: Table and chairs by Duffy, London.

Table and chairs in black.New York businessmen are known for holding meetings standing up. Businessmen in Tokyo sometimes contemplate tricky problems for hours in group silence. But in London, thanks to Christopher Duffy's novel design for this table and chairs, meetings will go with a swing!

The meeting table is made from sustainable Walnut and along with eight chairs is suspended from a powder coated steel frame. It has a number of advantages: firstly the table and chairs are always tidy, and the cleaners will thank you too, as the vacuuming is easy. But most importantly this furniture might help you to stay young!

As George Bernard Shaw said: “We do not stop playing as we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.”

Table and chairs in white.

Table in use.

Chairs in red.

Detail of white chair.


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