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Nimbus by Bernaut Smilde.

Photo:Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerk.

Inspired by his grandparents' small North seascape painting of a ship sailing into cloud, Bernaut Smilde has developed an artistic line of enquiry into the creation of cloud that has seen him master this manifestation of weather indoors!

For Smilde, a Dutch artist, it is the various meanings that people impose, or ascribe to cloud that interest him. Meanings such as ill omen, or the onslaught of a storm, or even the prediction of the future.

In this vein, his project, “Nimbus”, interests us as it provides a notion of architectural space to cloud. Normally the scale, or dimension of cloud is unquantifiable, but by bringing it indoors that changes.

Only perhaps during childhood do we think of clouds of having architectural space; for example in the children's storey, Jack and the Beanstalk where an entire land existed up in the clouds.

More recently, the notion of cloud as the domain of cyberspace has gained popular currency. It is imagined as a great archive of data floating above us. Historically such spaces, where old valuable documents and artefacts were kept for safe storage, have existed as deep underground bunkers.

The line of enquiry is not entirely without precedence, the artist Olafur Eliasson also brought the notion of weather indoors with his Weather Project works.

See a BBC video of Smide's work.


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