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Nesting nicely: Tree house for the Eden Project by Jerry Tate & Blue Forest.

The Biodiversity Nest is a treehouse designed by Jerry Tate Architects for the Eden Project, a collection of domes in England that enclose a range of climatic regions that include a small piece of rainforest.

The Biodiversity Nest will provide an education space perched in the tree canopy as part of the Rainforest Canopy Walkway Project.The project has to be sustainable, of course, but without using endangered hardwoods for the structure, the options were limited for materials that could survive the humid conditions. The architect eventually settled on a galvanized steel frame with heat-treated softwoods cladding. Working with Blue Forest, a company that specializes in making treehouses that work with their environment, the architects hope to create a space that is comfortable for learning even in the simulated tropical conditions.

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