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Oceanix City, BIG

Modular maritime metropolis: Oceanix City von BIG

As part of UN-Habitat’s New Urban Agenda, BIG and Oceanix recently submitted their vision for the world's first floating community: Oceanix City. Consisting of an artificial ecosystem and maritime metropolis in one, it is formed out of modular units that can organically adapt to changing urban circumstances as time passes.

The neighbourhoods in Oceanix City consist of basic modules covering two hectares in area and designed for up to 300 residents each. Communal agriculture is the centrepiece of every platform and is to enable the residents to establish a common culture.  Clustering the modular neighbourhoods into groups of six around a sheltered central harbour will bring about larger villages up to twelve hectares in size, and these in turn will be able to connect with others to form even more extensive conglomerates.

Oceanix City is a prototype of an affordable  housing model conceived in particular for people who currently live in coastal areas and whose lives will be impacted in future by littoral erosion and  flooding.  The first test sites for the project, currently still under development, are already in the planning for (sub-)tropical regions.

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