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Hyperloop, UNStudio

Modular Integration: Hardt Hyperloop by UNStudio

Hyperloop is a concept, currently still in development, for a high-speed transport system of the future. The idea: using solar energy to move maglev trains and capsules through partly evacuated tubes as quickly as 1,125 km/h. The question: how will the Hyperloop stations fit into urban structures?

Within the framework of the Hyperloop Implementation Programme, the Futures Team at UNStudio have published a preliminary design for adaptive, modular transfer hubs for a Europe-wide Hyperloop network. UNSFutures’ curvy, organic vision for the urban integration of these Hyperloop transfer hubs consists of a series of tessellated elements that can be symbiotically adapted to various spatial contexts. The stations have a modular construction corresponding to the degree of density in the given urban situation. At the same time, the modules complement and optimize the existing infrastructure.

Each module has its own function, from baggage handling to day care for children. The building-block principle connects these functions and creates communal spaces within the Hyperloop stations.
Further information:  Programs: Hyperloop stations of the future, urban integration of Hyperloop UNStudio: Ben van Berkel with Ren Yee, Arjan Dingste and Alice Haugh, Jan Sobotka Advisors: Labscape
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