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Mind-blowing beats by Zimoun.

Photo credits: Studio Zimoun and Janis Weidner.

Toluene is an aromatic industrial solvent used for making glue, amongst other things. It has been widely abused by thrill seeking teenagers who inhale it for its mind-blowing properties. Now, gentle industrial rhythms emanate from a former toluene tank in Dottikon, Switzerland, that are also mind-blowing in an entirely different way.

Using the tank as a drum, the artist Zimoun, has created an installation that explores the spatial and architectural qualities of the cylindrical steel tank as well as its former industrial function, through rhythmic, mechanical sound generated by whirring motors within the space.

The installation consists of a series of DC electric motors that are connected to threads with black cotton balls at their end. As the motors turn, the balls swing from side to side striking the drum and creating a noise.

The motors are arranged in rings around the tank at varying heights up its wall. The speed at which the motors turn, and hence the noise that is made, can be controlled to vary the rhythms created.

Watch the video.

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