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Mikakure chair by Koki Yoshida

Mikakure chair designed by Koki Yoshida

Koki Yoshida’s Mikakure chair is one chair made up of two that appear zipped together.The Mikakure chair by Tokyo-based designer Koki Yoshida was featured at the Tokyo Design week 2011: A chair that is striped diagonally in black and white and that becomes, when placed horizontally next to another Mikakure chair can be linked to the later to become one continuous seat.

The two pieces of the Mikakure chair designed by Koki Yoshida

Detail of the Mikakure chair designed by Koki Yoshida

The interlocking of the two Mikakure chairs is modeled after the concept of zipping by creating a zipper-like detail on each side of the Mikakure chair. Consequently it is possible to connect more than two chairs to form a long bench.

The diagonally organized black and white stripes of the chair are raised and recessed so that the viewer's perception of the color and dimensions of the chair are altered with her or his standpoint – i.e., when viewed from the side, the chair appears to be solid black in color and much more narrow than it actually is.


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