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Skilful Reflections, Angelo Mangiarotti

Memories of a Maestro: Skilful Reflections - Angelo Mangiarotti

In cooperation with Agapecasa, RBC Paris is hosting a chronologically based show devoted to the Italian architect and designer Angelo Mangiarotti (1921-2012). This will take place on the top floor of the RBC Paris showroom, located in the 15th arrondissement. Under the curatorial leadership of Camilla Benedini, the exhibition presents tables and seats of marble and high-quality wood, representing designs emblematic of Mangiarotti’s work; they are accompanied here by the maestro’s photos and drawings.

Examples include the Eros table, which was made in the 1970s by embedding a conical foot into a marble plate, and the monolithic Clizia seat. Strict, sober lines and geometric simplicity meet soft curves, creating what the exhibition text describes as a “balance of masses”.

Angelo Mangiarotti, an architecture graduate of the Politecnico di Milano, started his career in 1953 as a guest professor at the Institute of Technology in Chicago, Illinois. During that time, he met Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Frank Lloyd Wright, Walter Gropius and Konrad Wachsmann, who were to inspire his works for many years. The concept behind the exhibition is based on the double meaning of the word “reflection”- both as a physical phenomenon as well as the designer’s considerations, his approach and creative process. The mirrors mounted on the walls in the exhibition space underscore this homonymy and motivate visitors to think on Mangiarotti’s works.
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